Log Book Servicing

As you may be aware, if you don’t have your vehicle regularly serviced, in the long term the running costs of your vehicle may end up costing you more, in not only wear and tear, but you may also end up spending more money on fuel, tyres and brakes.

If you’ve purchased a new car, it’s important to know you can still take any vehicle under warranty to a reputable service centre and still maintain your warranty.

We provide all logbook servicing for petrol, LPG, diesel, and electric/hybrid vehicles.

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Roadworthy Certificates &

Pre-Purchase Inspections

As a licensed Light Vehicle Tester, we will inspect your vehicle to get it’s ready for registration at VicRoads. We also perform Pre-purchase inspections for secondhand vehicle buyers to give you clarity on whether you’re getting your money’s worth for that car you want.


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Steering and Suspension

Poor vehicle handling, and driver comfort and fatigue can be attributed to faults in your vehicle’s suspension and steering, and contribute to driver fatigue.

To improve driver safety and avoid driver fatigue, regular maintenance of the power steering, suspension, springs and shock absorbers is necessary to provide the control the vehicle was initially designed for.

Old Man Emu-ARB

Regardless of whether you’re driving on rugged bush tracks or using your vehicle for towing a camper trailer, we can supply and fit, fully integrated 4×4 suspension systems by Old Man Emu-ARB 4×4 suspension.

Callahan Vehicle Maintenance, also conduct wheel alignments, to reduce tyre wear and increase driver safety and control on the road.

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Exhaust Repairs

Callahan Vehicle Maintenance provide a wide range of exhaust replacement and repair of exhaust components. We can repair, as well as replace, your exhaust system as required.

If required we can replace only the required unit and retain original pipework. For example, catalytic converters can prove costly if genuine replacement components are fitted. 

By replacing a section of exhaust pipe or repairing a muffler we can often keep the cost to a minimum. A leaking or poorly functioning exhaust system can be dangerous so don’t put off an inspection.

We can work with you to find the right solution for your vehicle. Call us today to arrange an inspection.

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Air Conditioning

Air-conditioning keep you cool in summer and provides safer driving, by removing humidity inside your cars windscreen, and other windows on cold winter days.

If you don’t service your air-conditioning on a regular basis, the air-conditioning unit will fall into disrepair and will be sorely missed in the summer months, when you really need it.

Moreover, air-conditioning left unchecked, can cost you more money in the longer term in servicing and repairs. Callahan Vehicle Maintenance can repair and replace air conditioning units, hosing, damaged belts and other air conditioning related parts.

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Clutches and Transmissions

Your cars clutch, and transmission are built with precision engineering, and converts power from the engine to the wheels of your vehicle.  It’s important to maintain your clutch or transmission to avoid any long-term and costly repairs.

Without regular servicing minor faults become costly repairs, so if you notice burning smells coming from under your vehicle, you need to have your clutch and transmission checked immediately.

Avoid the added cost and hassle of clutch and transmission breakdown. Call Callahan Vehicle Maintenance today.

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Cooling System

Callahan Vehicle Maintenance can service your vehicle’s cooling system and replace or repair radiators and heater units. We also provide coolant flushes, testing your vehicle’s thermostat and replacement of head gaskets.

Our mechanics will assess the condition of your vehicle’s cooling system and after an initial inspection, we will identify any damage or faults. In some cases, a few parts such as hoses, water pumps, or pressure caps may need replacing.

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Auto Electrical and Diagnostics

Today’s modern vehicles are highly reliant on complex electrical systems that ensure your vehicle is operating efficiently and safely.

Callahan Vehicle Maintenance can diagnose all auto-electrical faults with our latest diagnostic technology. We can also provide repairs on components, such as starter motors and alternators.

In fact, regardless of the type of vehicle you’re driving we cover all makes and models, including batteries, 4WD’s, component replacement, audio installations and lighting upgrades.

If your vehicle has an electrical problem, contact us today and book your service.

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Our customers safety is our top priority and the last thing we want is your brakes not working as they should.  A lack of brake maintenance makes your vehicle dangerous to drive, and left unchecked will put your life, and the lives of other road users in harms way.  

Callahan Vehicle Maintenance will service and repair brakes for all makes and models, including, replacement of brake pads, discs, drums, rotors and checking your brake lines for leaks or cracks.

We also provide:

  • Component replacement (pads, rotors, drums, etc)
  • Machining
  • Hoses and brake lines

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Other Vehicle Repairs

We also provide service and repair to a wide range of other vehicles including but not limited to the following:

  • Tow-bars Fitted
  • Windscreens
  • Motorcycles
  • Caravans
  • Trailers
  • Boats

Equipment Hire Service

We have a range of equipment to hire including:

  • Concrete Pressure Washer (on trailer)
  • Scissor lift (all terrain)
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